1. Compos Struct
    Bayesian parameter estimation for the inclusion of uncertainty in progressive damage simulation of composites
    Reiner, Johannes, Linden, Nathaniel, Vaziri, Reza, Zobeiry, Navid, and Kramer, Boris
    Composite Structures 2023
  2. SIAM News
    Identifiability and Sensitivity Analysis for Bayesian Parameter Estimation in Systems Biology
    Linden, Nathaniel, Rangamani, Padmini, and Kramer, Boris
    SIAM News 2023


  1. PLoS Comput. Biol
    Bayesian parameter estimation for dynamical models in systems biology
    Linden, Nathaniel, Kramer, Boris, and Rangamani, Padmini
    PLOS Computational Biology 2022


  1. J.R.Soc.Interface
    Go with the FLOW: visualizing spatiotemporal dynamics in optical widefield calcium imaging
    Linden, Nathaniel, Tabuena, Dennis R, Steinmetz, Nicholas A, Moody, William J, Brunton, Steven L, and Brunton, Bingni W
    J. R. Soc. Interface 2021